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Speaker for November 2019

Meeting Notice and Speaker for November19, 2019

The Beech Island Historical Society will meet at 7:30 p.m. on Tuesday, Nov. 19, 2019, at the society’s History and Visitors Center located at 144 Old Jackson Highway in Beech Island, SC. Our program will feature the story of the Larke Family of Kathwood, SC, through oral history, family member’s recollections and historical photos. The Larke Family traces its roots back to the Silver Bluff and Kathwood Plantations when they were owned by SC Gov. James Hammond. The public is invited to attend. For more information, email Jackie Bartley at ( or call 706-833-3651 or the society at 803-867-3600.

Our History and Future: The Larke Family of Silver Bluff and Beech Island

On Nov. 19 the Beech Island Historical Society will feature an evening of oral history recollections from the Larke family of Beech Island at 7:30 pm. Different from most, this program will interweave oral histories and photographs of places and people of Silver Bluff, Kathwood, and Beech Island. Moderating the program will be George McDaniel, Ph.D., who works with Audubon South Carolina, which owns and operates Silver Bluff.

The program’s format will allow the public to hear directly from family members, whose recollections will be sparked by historical photographs shown in a power point presentation, so everyone can share in seeing them as family members tell their stories. Questions from the audience will be encouraged, as will visits to Silver Bluff, which is open to the public, and to Beech Island’s other historic places so people can actually see the sites where these stories took place.

The Larke family, many of whom live in Beech Island, have roots going back for centuries, back to when Silver Bluff was a prosperous plantation owned by Gov. James Henry Hammond and perhaps earlier to the pre-Revolutionary War Galphin trading post on the Savannah River. There their ancestors were enslaved, working its fields, building its buildings and more. When freedom came in 1865, they remained in the region, continuing to work at Silver Bluff and in Beech Island and founding a school as well as a church, St. Catherine’s CME.

Albert Larke, Sr.